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Welcome To Travel Groupie

Curating exceptional travel experiences is both our strength and passion. We are a dedicated team of travel advisors, industry experts, adventure seekers, luxury lifestyle experts, and life enthusiasts.


Spearheaded and founded by Jamillah WelchBercy, a self-proclaimed travel groupie amongst her many accomplishments, our commitment is making dream getaways become a reality and creating memories that last forever.

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Our Services

Fall in love with life. Broaden your horizons. Experience luxury travel and Black women retreats unlike any other brought to you by The Travel Groupie. You deserve a vacation story worthy to be told for years to come.

Travel and Lifestyle Coaching

Want to learn to book your own trips and schedule your own itinerary? We can help you understand the ins and outs of travel planning and booking to get the most value for your resources and time. Not only can we help you book the right flights, restaurants, tours, and activities for your upcoming trip, we can also share some insights on how to live a lifestyle that you won't need a vacation from.


Headed by a certified travel and lifestyle coach, learn from an industry expert so you can live the life of your dreams.

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Meet The Travel Groupie
Jamillah Welch-Bercy

Entrepreneur, Jamillah Welch-Bercy, serves as a Travel Advisor,  Real Estate Investor, Certified Life Coach, Travel Coach, Best Selling Author, Philanthropist, and Founder of Travel Grpupie LLC.   


Born in New Jersey but raised in California, Jamillah entered the workforce shortly after high school. This allowed her to start an over two-decade-long career, gaining a wealth of professional knowledge through roles within companies such as Host Marriot, Verizon Wireless, Crossmark, and Hilton Worldwide. During this time, she would hold positions such as Operation Manager, Store Manager, Senior Customer Service Specialist, Human Resource Coordinator, and Diamond Desk Coordinator, to name a few. Here is where she armed herself with relevant business acumen skills to support her service delivery. Her mastery has also allowed her to provide holistic support to her clients as a Certified Life Coach and Travel Coach.

What Travel Groupie Says

luxury travel and Black women retreats provided by Travel Groupie was just on another level , the whole trip was full of amazing views and feels ! Me and my husband really love the way Jamillah WelchBercy coach and guide us to different places !! Thank you so much

Rimmy & James

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