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Our Mission

Our mission is to ground your travels
in authentic discovery.

Curating exceptional travel experiences is my strength and passion.

I'm a dedicated travel designer, industry expert, adventure seeker,

luxury lifestyle expert, and life enthusiast.


Travel Groupie was spearheaded and founded by me, a self-proclaimed

travel groupie. Amongst my many accomplishments. My commitment is

to make dream getaways a reality and create memories that last forever.

Meet The Travel Groupie
Jamillah Welch-Bercy

Entrepreneur, Jamillah Welch-Bercy, serves as a Travel Designer,  Real Estate Investor, Certified Life Coach, Travel Coach, Best Selling Author, Philanthropist, and Founder of Travel Groupie LLC.   


Born in Newark, New Jersey but raised in Inglewood, California, I  entered the workforce shortly after high school. This allowed me to start an over two-decade-long career, gaining a wealth of professional knowledge through roles within companies such as Host Marriot, Verizon Wireless, Crossmark, and Hilton Worldwide. During this time, I  would hold positions such as Operation Manager, Store Manager, Senior Customer Service Specialist, Human Resource Coordinator, and Diamond Desk Coordinator, to name a few. Here is where I armed myself with relevant business acumen skills to support my service delivery. My mastery has also allowed me to provide holistic support to my clients as a Certified Life Coach and Travel Coach.

Why Choose Travel Groupie

As beautiful as the world is, I believe it’s not about where you go; it’s whom you travel with. When you

travel with Travel Groupie, you experience paradise on Earth, minus the hassles of planning trips.

Far-reaching network

Travel in style without paying a premium. My unique relationships with travel suppliers allow me to

offer luxury vacations.

Decades of experience

I've been traveling and planning trips for over two

decades, allowing me to accumulate many life and

travel lessons. I continue to innovate and grow with

every challenge to provide you with the best

experiences imaginable.


Dedication to Excellence

My priority is your happiness and well-being.

My customer-centric service is about making

amazing trips happen most conveniently for

my travelers.


Commitment to Philanthropy

My dedication to creating unmatched travel experiences

is rivaled only by my commitment to giving back.

I continue to organize fundraisers, volunteer my time,

and donate a portion of the profits toward campaigns

to end extreme poverty.

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