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TheTravel Groupie
Jamillah Welch-Bercy

Hey there! I'm Jamillah Welch-Bercy, aka (The Travel Groupie), the mastermind behind Travel Groupie LLC and Healing and Hustling Abroad. Born in Newark, New Jersey, and raised in Inglewood, California, I've embraced both the East and West Coast lifestyles, embodying a bicoastal spirit. Straight out of high school, I joined the professional world, working with renowned companies like Marriott, Verizon Wireless, and Hilton Worldwide. 


In addition to my corporate ventures, I am a Real Estate Investor and Amazon's Best-Selling Author of the book anthology My Walk Past Hell, which touches hearts and inspires many.


But let me tell you, life's journey hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows. I've encountered my fair share of obstacles—gun violence, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, homelessness, and poverty. Battling through depression, anxiety, and PTSD, I've faced these challenges head-on, emerging stronger and more resilient.


My passion? Chasing dreams! As a Certified Lifestyle and Wellness Travel Coach, I guide others toward happiness, fulfillment, and transformative travel experiences. With residences in seven states across the USA, from the vibrant streets of Texas to the sunny shores of Florida, I've savored every moment, soaking up diverse experiences. But my thirst for adventure didn't stop there.


One of my earliest adventures was a Greyhound bus journey with my younger sister. We were 13 and 11 years old and went from California to New Jersey in 1991 without cell phones, the internet, or social media. This trip sparked my love for travel and set me on a path of exploration and discovery. Planning my wedding in Jamaica, the "Island of Love," where I've journeyed over eight times, was a highlight—a celebration of love and culture that inspired my travel company. Life's an adventure, and I've explored over 27 countries across six continents, some solo, immersing myself in new cultures and landscapes. Living as a digital nomad, I've called Colombia and Thailand home, reveling in the freedom to work remotely while embracing the world's wonders.


Founding Travel Groupie LLC and Healing and Hustling Abroad has been a dream come true. My husband calls me the "groupie for travel." I thrive on planning our next escapade. Yet, it's not just about traveling for me; I enjoy giving back. Organizing fundraisers, communal drives, and giveaways in my community is my way of uplifting those in need. My passion is mentoring others and sharing my journey to inspire resilience and growth.


When I'm not pursuing my entrepreneurship dreams, you'll find me grooving to Hip-Hop music, sampling new culinary delights, and tearing up the dance floor. Of course, traveling remains my ultimate joy. But amidst the adventures, the family holds my heart. As a proud wife, mom, aunt, and fur mom, my loved ones bring light and love to every step of my journey. 

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