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Worlds End South Africa


Beguiling with its natural beauty, Africa never fails to take one's breath away, no matter how many times you explore it. Travel Groupie can help you rediscover your roots and explore the Mother Continent and all its glorious charm. So what better way to restore your balance than go on a spiritual journey of soulful Africa through a retreat for women of color? Home to over 3000 cultures, traditions, and ancient structures that mystify the mind, inspire the soul and motivate growth and healing.

Africa is known for wildlife and savannahs; Travel Groupies itineraries go beyond the touristy trail to let you experience authentic Africa. Enjoy a luxury vacation to some of the most beautiful beaches, vibrant cities, stunning geological formations, enthralling trails, starry campsites, and the friendliest people. Book a relaxing and fun-filled adventure to your favorite African destinations now.


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Whether you’re traveling solo or with your friends, a group trip with Travel Groupie is the perfect way to get away from everyday life's daily stresses and share an exceptional experience with amazing people. Not everyone gets to vacation every day of the year, so why not make this a getaway something to remember? Choose your destination and reserve your slot now.

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