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Clear Blue Water

Group Trips

Imagine sailing across the Gulf of Mexico and taking in the majesty of the Caribbean sunset, or going on a safari, traversing the savannahs, and hiking the marvelous trails of Africa. With Travel Groupie, you don’t have to imagine your dream adventure, you get to live it!

Your Dream Getaway Awaits

Live your best life and travel with some of the coolest people you will ever meet with our meticulously curated group trips. Designed by a certified travel and lifestyle coach and luxury travel advisor, we’ve organized the best transport, accommodation, and activities possible for each destination to give you a luxury experience of a lifetime.

Enjoying Nature
Bring Your Adventures to Life

Instead of sitting there and scrolling through enviable travel photos on social media, why not go on one yourself? We’ve put together an amazing Black women travel experience that includes everything you might possibly think of. You don’t have to stress over accommodations, travel arrangements, creating an itinerary, and coordinating with your companions.


With these pre-arranged group trips, all you have to do is book a slot and you’re all set for your next great adventure. No fuss, no hassle, just pure enjoyment.

Reserve Your Slot Now

Whether traveling solo or with your friends,  Travel Groupie will curate the trip as the perfect way to get away from everyday stresses and share an exceptional experience with amazing people. Not everyone gets to vacation every day of the year, so why not make this a vacation something to remember? Choose your destination and reserve your slot now.

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