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I always book my own trips…Why do I need a travel advisor?

As a travel professional, I have the expertise, knowledge, and connections to know which resorts/hotels, destinations and excursions would work best for you. You will have special experiences that enhance your trip.  This would be difficult for you to find on your own.  By using my travel curator services, you are ensuring that you are making the most out of your vacation and receiving the best value, especially in these complicated travel times. I can prevent and/or smooth out hiccups that you might have during your travels.

By working with me, you get convenience, savings of time, expert advice, personalized attention, and exclusive perks/benefits.


Do you charge a fee?

Yes, I do charge professional fees. You are provided two options in my service program for flexibility:  

The Research & Design Experience is $125.  This includes research, designing, and the booking of your hotel or cruise. You will receive a complimentary 30 minute consultation.  You are given a maximum of 3 itinerary quotes to ensure I met your needs and desires.  

The Research & Design VIP Experience is $200.  This is for clients who need additional detailed guidance and support for their planning.  With the Platinum Experience, you will receive everything in the regular package plus: arranging of private transfers and excursions, access to a mobile travel app for your itineraries and electronic travel documents, & extended support from me for questions and follow up through your departure.

Research & Design fees are charged once you have selected your option.  My professional fees are non-refundable. 

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Why do you charge fees?

That's a great question! I charge professional fees to reflect the value of unique services you are receiving.  I want to solidify our mutual commitment to each other.  I also want to provide you the proper amount of support and best possible value for your vacation


Do I really need to get travel insurance?

Yes!! I highly recommend that you always purchase travel insurance for your trip.  Travel is highly unpredictable currently.  You want to be protected against unseen events before and during your trip.  You could have a  missed connection, lost luggage, medical emergency, etc.  Travel insurance will protect you from these financial risks. 

Think about the big picture...Travel insurance is a very small investment compared to what you are actually spending for your vacation. 

I personally always have travel insurance. 

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